Why, How, & What

Why How What by Colby Clifford

These why, how, and what statements come from my passion for teaching and sharing a love of learning with my students. WHY we use ePortfolios: students learn how to learn as they are constructing knowledge. HOW is happening when they are constructing ePortfolios: engagement in authentic learning opportunities that embrace ownership and voice. WHAT will they do: they will experience ownership through reflection and connection in authentic experiences.

Interdisciplinary Why for EP by Colby Clifford

When students construct knowledge for ePortfolios, they are constructing an interdisciplinary evidence of their learning. They are learning how to learn.

However, It is crucial to remember that the ePortfolio is more than just a repository for student work. The very act of construction and collaboration as learners think with greater depth and complexity is where the value lies.

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