ePortfolio Checklist

Every pilot has been taught the importance of following a strict checklist before flight. There is safety and comfort in knowing that you will succeed if you can check all the boxes.

The Applied Digital Learning masters program is only similar to this in that we are writing our own lists, and plotting our own flight path in a journey to an unknown destination.

One might say there is not much comfort in this pre-flight scenario, but I argue that our success just doesn’t depend on a pre-written list.

Our success depends on how we voice the journey.

Significant thoughts on EDLD 5303:

  • EDLD 5303 provides time to intentionally focus on our ePortfolio “students are given the opportunity to move beyond dropping assignments into a digital container and are encouraged to start to consider and show how they plan to use technology to enhance their own learning and their learning environments” (para. 6).
  • After previous experience with livejournal, Xanga, Blogger, and Google Sites, I determined to journey this time with WordPress.
  • Reorganize as needed, add tags and a cohesive navigation, make it user friendly, add to it and develop as I grow; keep it simple but reflective of my personality…
  • Instead of collecting the dots, connect the dots. This reminds me of a Steve Jobs quote about only being able to connect the dots when we look back, so it’s important to have something to look back ON. The ePortofolio.
  • ”An eportfolio is not just a digital file cabinet where one show how many dots they have collected– it is domain of one’s own where the student reveals their learning journey and shows through reflection, speculation and documentation all the meaningful connections that they have made. The eportfolio itself is a space that the student creates. Perhaps most importantly, an eportfolio can be used to show a student’s growth and how they have matured over time and how they have made a connection between their schoolwork and their personal and professional lives” (para. 6). – This quote was my main takeaway. The ePortfolio is personal, unique, and shows growth in a meaningful way.
  • The ePortfolio is a perfect illustration of all that is COVA+CSLE. I might even be determining that my PROJECT in “Project Based Learning” is the ePortfolio.
  • WHO owns the ePortfolio
  • WHAT is an ePortfolio
  • WHY use an ePortfolio
  • HOW to create an ePortfolio
  • Contribution to Learning Community