Instructional Design for ePortfolios 101

Introduction: Using Canvas LMS, learners will navigate through five modules and construct an ePortfolio that will demonstrate learning and facilitate collaboration and reflection. Because most teachers are not familiar with ePortfolios, it is important to gain a basic understanding of what an ePortfolio is, how it works, and what its purpose is.  During this course, they will become familiar with the foundational purpose and use of an EP on Google Sites, its application to project based learning, best practices for integration, and more. Using an outcomes based educational framework, they will construct their own ePortfolio to use as a model.  Learners will also collaborate with peers and post reflections that relate to the project they submitted. This course embraces technological innovation through active and authentic learning based on principles that include:   

Why: Inspiring and preparing learners to use technological innovations as a catalyst for enhancing learning.

How: To do this, a significant learning environment (CSLE) must be created which gives learners choice, ownership and voice through authentic (COVA) learning opportunities.

What: Preparing learners for innovation and knowledge acquisition in a digitally connected world.

What is the goal of this course? Educators will investigate and construct an ePortfolio to model its effectiveness in sharing work, reflection on growth, and developing voice. 

Our goal is that you will explore this digital space to create your own, in the form of an Electronic Portfolio of your learning. In that act of construction, you will experience Choice in what you learn, and Ownership of what you learn. In the process of your participation you will develop a Voice in creating your Authentic and significant learning environments.  

What is COVA?

CThe freedom to choose (C) their authentic learning opportunity and how to organize, structure and present their learning experiences.
OOwnership (O) over the entire learning process – including selection of authentic projects and their eportfolio tools.
VThe opportunity to find and use their own voice (V) to revise and restructure their work and ideas.
A Authentic (A) learning opportunities that enable students to make a difference in their own organizations and learning environments.

Using ePortfolios and the COVA approach, our learning will not only take us somewhere, it will allow us to go further more easily. (Bruner)

What will I know by the end of this course?  In addition to earning 6 GT professional development hours…after completing this course, you will begin to use ePortfolios with more self-guidance.  You will use your personal ePortfolio to add artifacts from each professional learning experience and will collaborate with your colleagues to improve upon your skills as educators.  You will also understand the value of reflection and how it impacts the learning process. 

Audience: Conroe ISD classroom teachers and TPSP facilitators. 


  • Laptops/Chromebooks
  • Access to Google Apps (Docs, Slides, Drive, Forms, etc.)
    • These apps will be used for assignment sharing, to share notes, to take surveys, etc.
  • Access to Canvas LMS
    • All Modules and Assignments posted in Canvas.
  • Online videos
    • Videos will be shared to engage students. Videos will be used to spark discussion for their ePortfolio posts.
  • Articles
    • Articles will be used to provide resources for better understanding ePortfolios.

The online course is based on education research. It is important that learners understand the authentic learning opportunities offered in this course, helping them to become lifelong learners prepared for future exponential changes in our educational and work environments.

Participation Instructions:

  1. Using the Enrollment below, enroll in the Canvas course FIRST.
  2. Using the Survey link below, answer the questions as you adventure through the Canvas course.
  3. Use a screen capture application such as Screencast-O-matic, Camtasia, or something similar to record and share your experience with me. I can access your screen capture recordings via Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, Dropbox, or another digital sharing platform.
  4. Alternativly, if this isn’t possible, you can debrief me directly or provide a summary of your experience in another form.

Course Enrollment

Teachers and students in Conroe ISD can enroll in ePortfolios 101 course on Canvas, or with this link.


After you have enrolled in the course, please review the survey below, as it outlines what you will be looking for as you test the Canvas course: Course Survey

To follow the journey of this course or to participate in the usability testing check out the blog posts and links below.

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If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to reach out via my contact page.

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