Influencing Change

By the end of their Mitchell loop, 6th grade students will have constructed an ePortfolio for use in learning and reflection.

Influence is essential to creating change, but influence must be wielded effectively to create lasting and effective change. I have targeted the heart of my reasoning, or my “why” and have identified organizational influencers on my campus. I must continue to share desired results with my action research plan, and use the six sources of influence identified below to increase the chances of success. This process is not a quick fix; it is a process and model for changing behavior at an organization’s core. Based on this, I have developed a strategy for organizational change in regard to my ePortfolio initiative.

In my organization, my influencers are our principal, our campus literacy coach, campus technology coach, my PLC team, and other teacher leaders. I am piloting my initiative, and all 17 of those influencers were in attendance at one of two Phase 1 meetings.

Having these influencers buy into my plan and want to participate and stay engaged in this change is my next focus. I have noticed the obvious, looked for crucial moments, learned from positive deviants, and spotted culture busters. My strategy to influence my organization is targeting both motivation and ability at the personal, social, and structural level to change vital behaviors and achieve my desired goal.​

To learn more about my plan to implement e-portfolios in my classroom click HERE. To learn more about the resulting growth mindset click HERE.


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