Disruptive Innovation with Technology

I believe the learning environment of our students could be improved by providing more opportunities for collaboration and creation. What if that could be done most effectively with technology? If students have the opportunity to read together, think together, and respond together with ePortfolios, learning would be more authentic and they would be more likely to take ownership of their learning.

Innovation Plan: Connecting the Dots with ePortfolios

This proposal has changed multiple times since the first draft in the fall of 2020. From creating significant learning environments in my classroom, I am focusing now on helping to create a significant learning environment within the Texas Performance Standards Project (TPSP).  

Proposal Letter

In order to make significant change, I need a team! This letter outlines my proposal to pilot the use of ePortfolios allowing our students choice, ownership, and voice in an authentic way, while preparing them for the 21st century.

Literature Review

This literature review provides a glimpse of where I’ve started in my research process, and studies to backup my innovation plan.