Digital Learning Environments

In this new age of digital learning, educators can become overwhelmed with options on how to best use technology. Gone are the days of the whiteboard and marker and here are the opportunities to use smart boards, iPads, and a world of different apps. With all of these things at our disposal now we have the opportunity to truly transform the way we are educating our students and even the way we are learning ourselves.

One of the most transformative pieces of digital learning is the multitude of ways we can differentiate our teaching and assessments for students. By using these digital tools to differentiate for our students we are creating more significant learning environments, encouraging increased student ownership, and allowing for students’ individual voices to be heard. Below you can see a three-part series covering some of these ideas discussed by three other educators, Dr. Dwayne Harapnuik, and myself.

Thoughts on Learning Podcast

To learn more about the ideas and topics discussed in this podcast series please visit Dr. Dwayne Harapnuik’s website HERE.

In addition, I have more recently experimented with a podcast including colleagues from my district, Conroe ISD, on the use of Depth & Complexity and best ways to leverage technology for learning within that framework.

Depth & Complexity Framework Podcast

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