Concepts of Educational Technology

The windows and doors that technology can open for our students are endless! As educators that are growing, we are able to better meet the needs of our students that are growing. We are learning to grow by thinking about our thinking in forming a Learning Manifesto, and collaborating with others as we do so. In this authentic learning environment, we are better able to create a more significant learning environment for our students.

The inclination to learn from life itself and to make the conditions of life such that all will learn in the process of living is the finest product of schooling. ~John Dewey

“Building 21st Century learners, thinkers, and connectors.”

Growth Mindset

In the few months that I have been in the Applied Digital Learning program, I have started to see myself in a new way. I am challenged and pushed in ways I could not have foreseen. Having a Growth Mindset has made all the difference.

Professional Learning Networks

If this ePortfolio work is an example of constructionism, and the gathering and analysis of my learning is cognitivism, then the professional learning networks I contribute to and consume are an example of connectivism. Learning Manifesto, manifested.