Usability Testing & Reflection

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For the asynchronous ePortfolio creation course, I asked our campus instructional coach, Dr. Marie Miller, if I could record a live zoom call with her as she worked through the first module. I also asked a former district coach to complete the course and provide written feedback (without any input from me) so I could compare. 

  • How your stakeholders/peers are able to navigate the Introduction/Overview/Start Here section of your course and how they are able to navigate to and engage in a short activity from the first module.

My walkthrough with Dr. Miller was extremely informative. To hear her think out loud through my course construction provided excellent feedback and validation for my though processes. I asked her to log on to Canvas, and follow the prompts through the course. I tried to not steer her in any particular direction, as I wanted to observe what choices she made in navigation. I told her that she didn’t need to actually complete any of the activities for this initial walk-through, just share thoughts on the directives. By watching her, I observed that she did not click on any of the sidebar menu options. Instead, she clicked strait through to “Modules”. I’m wondering if I should modify the “Welcome”. 

  • How long will your usability test last?

I anticipated the recording lasting 20-40 minutes. I knew we would only work through the first module, but I also knew that Dr. Miller is very thorough and inquisitive. The recording ended up at the 31 minute mark. 

  • What are the criteria for the activity that you want your testers to do?

I want to observe and listen to my tester as she worked through the navigation of the entire first module to ensure variety and clarity as well as depth and complexity of the subject matter.  

  • How will your testers report back?

Dr. Miller’s usability test was a recorded Zoom session. The other usability test from a district coach was written after an independent test, provided to me later. The differences in feedback were interesting. I also have a Google form at the end of Module 1 that they completed. As the course is already live for our district, I am periodically receiveing Google form submissions that will continue to inform my course corrections. 

  • What were the lessons you learned from the usability testing feedback?

From the filmed usability test, I learned that my request for users to record a welcome video or add personal information before starting the course might not be realistic. No one that has opened the course has done this, and in the recording, Dr.Miller didn’t even go to the welcome page. 

My “Resources” page might need to be rethought as well. When walking through with Dr.Miller, I was able to clarify for her that “Reading Choices” meant just that-I was providing more resources than necessary, offering choice to my learner. But when the district coach worked through the course on her own, she did not understand that. She wrote: “The participant is not guided to choose. Is the participant supposed to watch and read everything?” I am wondering if this is because she is not accustomed to having choice? Should I NOT provide choice? Should I be more clear? These are questions to which I don’t yet have answers. 

I’m excited to continue to learn with my stakeholders to improve the functionality of my course. Below you will find usability test video and written feedback.